Lincoln and the Guitar

I have no idea where the logo I use came from. I saw it and immediately liked it.

There is a coolness and irreverence to the image. I thought it set the tone for what I wanted to accomplish.

Abraham Lincoln was perhaps our greatest President. He was not a man without faults. He looked Presidential with the stovepipe hat, his height, set jaw and somber look. He was a man with a lot on his shoulders, personal and family troubles, a country coming apart at the seams, and a Cabinet of people wanting to stab him in the back.

We all have our impression of Lincoln, and for me, he was as huge as his memorial. From what I know, he seemed a humble man and felt things very deeply. He did not need a social media account, press secretary or fawning cable news channel. However, he could have used a few more security officers.

I’m fairly sure than Lincoln did not play the electric guitar. If he had, I imagine him to fingerpick like James Taylor, not a shredder like Eddie Van Halen. He would have been a singer-songwriter and lived in Laurel Canyon. Possibly been part of Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young & Lincoln. I have a hard time picturing him at Woodstock, but it might have happened. He might have ended up with Joni Mitchell instead of Graham Nash, and  written “Our (White) House” for her.  The stovepipe hat and guitar theatrics, it was a babe magnet for Slash.

Had he been in L.A. in the mid 1960’s, I bet Abe would have auditioned for the cast of The Monkees television show. Everyone did. Picture his head in the stocking cap instead of Mike Nesmith. Had that happened, he would have met Jimi Hendrix because everyone knows Hendrix opened for The Monkees on their big tour. Imagine Jimi and Abe together.  That’s a wild picture.

Lincoln was not a handsome man per se, he had that rugged look, wide-eyed and probably up for some adventure. Suppose Peter Fonda had cast Lincoln instead of Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider. That movie role changed Nicholson’s life. Imagine it was Abe playing McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and later, in The Shining, chopping through the door with the maniacal grin saying, “Here’s Johnny!” or made up in grease paint as The Joker in Batman.  What if.


See how one opportunity completely changes your life. It all came from picking up a guitar. Politics? That was a dead-end.

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