Thinkin’ Drinkin’

I got this phrase from a John Wayne Western, but I am familiar with the concept. Very familiar.

In my college days, I did a fair share of thinking that way.  Many weekends, Mr. Johnson and I operated a think tank. I doubt many significant problems were solved, but some great ideas were hatched. And we laughed until it hurt.

It is going to sound like we drank a lot in those days; we did.  The views on drinking were a bit different in those days, and the age limit was 18 for beer.  As I look back on that time, I am glad we survived it.  What we really enjoyed was the conversation and acting silly, the alcohol was secondary.

Libations loosen your resolve. That’s one of the benefits of thinkin’ drinkin’. A normally reserve individual will more aptly open the vault and let deeper ideas and thoughts flow.

We certainly frequented bars, but many an evening was spent safely at one of our apartments.

Thankfully, I can say that I learned a few things. We might boast of big things and grand ideas, but we never made important decisions. You can talk about them and ponder the possibilities, but when alcohol is involved, the best decisions are the ones you do not make. You also learn that the world will be the same in the morning as it was the day before.  You may have solved the world’s problems, or at least talked about how to solve your own.  Now, if you can just remember what you said.

Some of our best times were sitting around the apartment, spinning albums and talking art, science, music, politics, philosophy and life. College opened our eyes and our minds. The world was huge and we had no idea. When you are 18 or 19 years old, life can seem overwhelming, particularly viewing yourself in relation to the universe. It is easy to become lost in the stars.

My days of thinkin’ drinkin’ are behind me, although Mr. Johnson and I do on rare occasion bend the elbow and discuss life. Once in a while, we can be heard howling at the moon. It has been noted that the moon howls back.

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