The Other Truth

We live in a world where you can pick your truth and whatever “facts” support it.  No longer are we confined to information that we do not agree with or support.  Thankfully, the world now allows each of us to be right.

With the help of technology, we can adapt reality.  I do not care for your reality, only mine matters.

Truth is changeable. Look at what the Internet has made possible.  Talk radio was just the beginning.  The Internet not only makes blogs, podcasts and streaming of commentary disguised as news possible, but complex software programs can manipulate what information is fed to people to shape or harden their views.  It’s a brave new world!

I do not have to be factually correct about something, I just have to make enough other people believe what I am presenting.  If they believe it – boom! It is a fact.  String enough “facts” together and you can shape the truth because you have recalibrated that person’s compass that steers their logic and ability to reason.  We can manufacture a legion of conspiracy theorists, deniers and emotion-fed soldiers to carry our message.

Along the way we can blend Christianity, democracy, the Constitution and even morality into this reality stew.  Here, you need a second helping, we have work for you to do.   Forget strength, we need your raging anger.  Get on the Internet and recruit other similar thinking influencers. We are building an alternative universe and need every passionate, gullible, narcissistic, self-proclaimed patriot to channel their denial of science and reason, reject empathy and set aside their values.  Your vocabulary must include the words: hoax, Hillary, fake, emails, liberals, Pelosi, illegals, Soros, RINO, BLM and rioter.  The word fascist is optional.

You are ready to begin utilizing the other truth.

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