Mystery of Love

Love is life’s ultimate mystery
A lock with only one master key
Hearts beating with symmetry
An invitation to create history

There you are and here I am
Cruelly separated by a witch’s curse
Sending you one way, me another
A kindred soul, not alone in the universe

Searching the heavens my thoughts return empty
Mentally drawing your photo millions of times
Tongue tied and brain fogged
Words tumble down, falling into rhymes

Spotting you across the divide, my gaze freezes
Waiting an eternity for my smile to engage
Recognition and wonder all in one look
Electrical surges pop every gauge

Rejoicing and counting so many blessings
When I get to you I heartily count twice
Choices have their own agenda
Each trail in life comes with a price

This distant feeling, familiar but doubted
A dream catcher of tangled emotion
Like a fluttering propeller seed
Carried on the wind, life in slow motion

A life does not grow straight as a laser
Branches meander, stretching to the sun
The fruit of our soul has a unique taste
Tart or flavorful, grown for just one

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