Personal Tune-Up

I think everyone should periodically look in the mirror and evaluate the person they honestly see. Is this the person you want to be?

Like a car or a furnace, we should get ourselves the occasional tune-up, pop the hood and look inside.

To see the truth, you must be willing and able to be self aware.  Some people have a natural ability to see themselves with humility and without ego.  For others, it can be learned. Warning, the practice of self awareness can be painful.  Is that why so many needy people avoid it and just see what they want to see?

It is easier to build a bubble that reinforces only what we want to be and have others see.

We should all take a long look in the mirror, that window into your soul, and see ourselves in the quiet morning light. If you dare.  It is never too late to tune up and adjust the focus of your life.  It is like rebalancing your financial investments.


Put an “under construction” sign on what we want to rebuild or grow or change.  From a personal perspective, twice in recent years I have sought the assistance of a counselor. I am not afraid let a professional under the hood. Those who are experienced can rather quickly diagnose not just problems, but help you see the way to solutions.  It is hard work, and humbling. I still think about what I learned, and I continue to work on suggested items.

I received the news that a former colleague passed away. I knew him only through work, and had not heard from him since he retired two months ago. He had a re-occurrence of cancer, and this time it would not be denied. He was known for being a source of light to others, optimistic and you got good vibes from being around him. Aside from his many work-related accomplishments, he left an indelible impression on those who knew him. I did not know him as well as many others, but the lasting impression of him will always bring a smile to my face. I knew him only through work, so did I really know him? No, but I didn’t really have to. When our spheres crossed, it was delightful.  How’s that for a legacy?


So, what does that story have to do with this blog? Well, life sends us messages in the form of alerts or system checks. Maybe there is a better analogy, but the point is that these are opportunities to pull over and take another look at the map.  Not all men are afraid to ask for directions.

The road of life is not a straight line, and usually not a defined destination. If you have a spiritual destination, you probably have an image of that and believe you know the way, yet you cannot predict the road construction, difficult travel conditions and challenges along the journey, only that you believe in the journey and destination. You will encounter a few detours and unplanned excursions along the way, and meet many fellow travelers who many influence your itinerary.  Since there is not a Star Trek transporter to instantly beam you there, you have to travel the old fashioned way.

Tune ups are also important when you meet new people and you want to clear your cache and start again, when you suffer a loss or setback, face a fork in the road, can’t get a reading on your compass, or don’t know the face staring back at you in the mirror.

Putting aside the travel and car metaphors, life is damn challenging.  Somedays it is one foot in front of the other, and trying your best between one sunrise and one sunset.

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