Do Not Pass Go

Wrong time, wrong circumstances
No instructions or batteries included
Fumbling, a humble bumbler
And the chapter seemed concluded

Time will fade, but what about the sunsets?
The path seemed promising at the start
Hopeful choices ran aground
Measuring failure was off the chart

Moments turned into years
Winter felt so much colder
No memories were made
And yet, every day I got older

Take it back, turn the clock hands around
Try to undo that awkward impression
And yet, the voice screams “Take a chance”
Each day you must endure that decision

Jumping out front, ahead of my answers
The question hung unresolved in the air
A staring contest, who will speak first
That voice again said “You haven’t a prayer”

I had bolted the line, not caring to wait
I cannot look away or dismiss desire
To hide or deny to self is untruthful
Remove restraints when your heart is on fire

Roll the dice, make your move
Like a salmon leaping against the flow
Quiet the voices, listen to your heart
Take your road, forget about passing go

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