What’s Next?

The sidewalk comes to a full stop. The path now says you must walk on unsteady earth, somewhere off the beaten trail. Or it could be the edge of the world, the end of existence, can you risk it? Do you have a choice?

Midnight is the lonesome bridge between our past and the future. Will there be another day after the light goes out?

The future is a leap of faith. Tomorrow is not promised. Will the crickets chirp at night, the lightning bugs light the way, butterflies find the flowers, the rooster remember to crow, the rain kiss the ground, and your smile to energize my heart?

All unknowns, all links in the chain, stretched tightly by faith, overcoming the chasm of doubt that separates what might be, from what will be.

The concrete beneath my feet gives me strength and reinforces my forward motion. Maybe I need it, but I rely on it. This path has been walked before, it is sturdy and will safely see me along my journey.

This is not the street I started on, I do not recognize anything about it. The concrete says, continue on, it will be okay. Nervous, but on faith, I venture onward.

I used to be adventurous, caution to the wind, bulletproof, an infinite horizon, and all that youthful nonsense. Now, I think about the footing, is there enough time, what’s around the bend, have I travelled a path to a dead-end before, are we there yet?

When I come to a fork in the road, I take it. If I come to a door, I knock and see what is in the other side. As the wind blow, I might not go that direction, in fact, I can adjust the sail to use the gale. Same as I capture the gravitational force and use it to catapult me around the moon to a new destination.

I’ve let go of heavy items, tossed them in the grass. The finder is welcome to them. I appreciate the sunsets, but I look forward to the sunrises.

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