4 Letter Words

Four-letter words have a bad reputation. Not all of them are vulgar or offensive, or have a negative connotation.

For example, life is a four-letter word. However, work is also a four-letter word, so I might have to rethink that last statement.

Here’s an interesting exercise, pick 20 four-letter words that help describe yourself. They should describe your physical being as well as your personality, beliefs and habits.

Here are mine.

Male – I am a male. We come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. I try to be like no one else and avoid categorization. Am I successful? You tell me.

Play – Until recent years, work usually came first. That was not smart, but I learned. To do it over again, I would cut back on work.

Vote – I take civic responsibility very seriously. We get what we get because too many people do not do their homework or fail to vote. It’s not hard to be informed and do your civic duty.

Film – From my earliest days, I loved film. Like everyone, I enjoy films that entertain, but also films that find new corners of the human experience to explore.

Blog – After years of struggling to find a writing outlet, I began blogging. I write on a variety of subjects and styles. I write every single day. There is so much to say. In six years I have posted 1,130 blogs.

Vibe – When I am not listening with gut, I am reading vibes. It’s a deciding device that gives me all kinds of information. Occasionally, incoming vibes are misread, but usually not.

Hair – Most men are at least somewhat obsessed with their hair. I’m part of that group. My hair is often wild and unkempt, like me. In my younger years, long hair was an act of self-expression. I got so I like wearing it longer than the social trend.

Joke – This is really sense of humor. Life is not a joke, but it needs a constant supply of humor. The pressure release valve is humor. I can find humor in most things, even dark humor when needed.

Fact – I believe in science and data. Facts are not absolutes because the context can be manipulated by smart, cunning people. Bill O’Reilly used to have a “no spin zone” but what he didn’t tell you was he had his own top-spin on issues.

Left – I am left-handed, primarily, but my right hand is sometimes dominate. I am also left of center politically. Read what you will into that.

City – I am a city boy and proud of it. Big cities are fun to visit, but I prefer a slower pace that comes with mid-size cities. I chose to spend most of my work career in city government.

Race – I am Caucasian, the older, pasty white kind. A lot of my peers feel under siege, becoming marginalized and losing relevance. I do not feel that way.

Love – At times, love can feel like a four-letter word. From love comes kindness, compassion, selflessness and humility. Getting older does not change my view as much as it sharpens the focus. Love is the easiest and hardest noun.

Beer – My drink of choice, Homer Simpson and me. I enjoy other types of adult beverages, but beer is very Democratic as its drinkers cut across all demographics.

Book – I am a reader. Besides practical experience, reading is how I learn. Want to interest a child in reading? Read to them. Physical books have lost value with a lot of people in this digital world, but I prefer the feel of a book in my hands. Old school? You bet.

Give – I am not a very religious person, yet I have a lot of values that align with those found in various religions. The common term for this is spiritual. Giving is important to help others. Greed is not good, however you slice it.

Song – Music is important in my life. Songs are a way of artistic expression as well as a very personal expression. Songs have of a way of sticking to events in your life. They certainly have in my life.

Wise – There different types of wise, including knowledge from experience. Good judgement, still debatable. I have the experience kind.

Save – When I was a kid, I always spent what little money I managed to get. I like to control my own money. Boy, has that not gone over well with wives. I’m very disciplined about finance, after learning some lessons.

Soul – The spirit and essence of a person. The most intimate and revealing reflection of that person’s values. When I meet people, I try to get an idea of their soul, that is where the truth lies.

Mike – All 20 of these things are me, plus a few.

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