Hole in the World

There’s a hole in the world today

It’s noticeable and leaking love

Now she’s an angel in flight

Peace and hope on the wings of a dove

There’s a hole in our hearts today

Releasing a river of pain and sadness

Shock gives way to harsh reality

Taking a good one is such madness

There’s a hole in our understanding

When we need every bit of compassion

A big supplier is snatched from us

Did we take more than our ration?

There’s a hole in our family tonight

Our North Star’s light is not clear

How will we navigate our way?

We depended on her hand to steer

There’s a hole inside of my soul

Exactly where she had grown

The emptiness is already haunting

We must resist the fear of being alone

There’s a black hole in my thinking

I’m forgetting all that she taught me

Feed others with love and kindness

You’ll be whole if you use her key

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