Who is That Masked Man?

It’s me.

I wear a mask, not for concealing my identity or religious reasons, I do not even wear it to protect myself. My concern is other people, yes, even in a society that is all about “me first” and “don’t fence me in.” It is my right to protect the mask-less, and I do. But I’m no pretend superhero, I don’t drive around in a truck with big tires and a confederate flag. Neither do I feel the need to pack guns when I buy my vegetables and scare the teenage checker. I’m armed with common sense, critical thinking and the values of compassion, respect and civility.

I’m all for individuality, nonconformity, personal rights, and not trusting Big Brother. I am not a sheep. No one tells me what to think or how to vote. No one forces their religious dogma on me or peer pressures me into being part of the crowd. I listen to a variety of sources for information and I question things that do not seem logical or true. I do not blindly accept what someone or some source is pushing, I want verification.

Wearing a mask, I am vilified by others, given those unapproving glares, and have to tell the occasional maskless person in the grocery line to get out of my space. I may be compassionate, but don’t tread on me.

I was sitting in the lobby of the car repair place when this guy walks in and immediately tells the two guys working the desk how glad he is that they aren’t wearing masks. That started his rant about how masks were bogus and he could literally talk for hours on the subject. He not just stated it, he sermonized his opinion. I just sat there and listened to his BS, while wearing my mask. Funny how the next three customers who entered, all wore masks. I waited for this dullard to make eye-contact with me but he never did before he left.

A mask also provide anonymity, we blend in with other mask wearers, particularly when we want to be part of the crowd. There are times to standout and times to stand back. Sometimes we feel like Batman, and other times the Riddler. I’m a man of mystery, shrouded in my own secrecy.

2 thoughts on “Who is That Masked Man?

  1. I love your comment “I’m armed with common sense, critical thinking, and the values of compassion, respect and civility.” It’s a shame that guy at the auto repair shop isn’t armed with those qualities. He must have a very miserable life.


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