Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

These are my opinions. I find the events of the past days horrifying and yet familiar. Maybe I should stick to music, films and poetry. I’ll return to that soon, a reflection of my own safe and free existence. For a moment, I will howl at the moon.

Why should Americans care about the invasion of Ukraine? Turn on FoxNews and you’ll be entertained with pro-Russian propaganda, even blame on Biden for leading to Russia’s necessary rescue of Ukraine from the West (their story).

In 2022, misinformation is almost more important a weapon as tanks and missiles. Changing and redirecting the narrative, constantly pushing disinformation as fact will eventually become the new reality, undermining the truth by attacking credible sources, attacking free speech, and so on. Weaponizing misinformation and disinformation will eventually own “truth” and eventually thought. George Orwell lives.

Putin seeks to redefine Ukraine as his predecessors, making “little brother” subservient to Mother Russia. Stalinist measures.

Putin has been in power for more than two decades, wrangling both wealth and power. He is not the new boss, just a reflection of the worst in history.

What we see in Ukraine is yet another attack on freedom and democracy in plain sight. Putin can call Russia the victim, tyrants use the victim card to legitimize their threats and actions.

This is not just a war against the Ukrainian government and military, it is a war against Ukraine history, culture and life. We should all be horrified and demand action. These are crimes against humanity.

5 thoughts on “Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

  1. I agree with you, Mike. I also made the deliberate choice to avoid discussing politics and other non-music issues on my blog, but sometimes you need to break your own rules. This is one of these times, in my view.

    Witnessing the emergence of a psychopathic Russian czar in 21st century Europe with a completely non-provoked and illegal invasion seems unreal. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine and all the unnecessary human suffering that results from Putin’s reckless assault.

    I worked in the United Nations office in Kyiv from January 1995 until March 1997. As such, not only do I well remember this city and all its cultural treasures that are now in danger of destruction, but also other, then-Ukrainian regions of the country I visited, including Crimea and the so-called breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Putin pretends he wants to protect from neo-Nazis!

    I just hope Putin will come to his senses and realize his clan of supporting oligarchs may turn against him once the economic sanctions start biting. I also hope this man will pay a high personal prices for his war crimes.

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      1. Thanks. While going in I knew it was highly uncertain whether I could continue working for the UN (it turned out there were no appropriate opportunities), I’m glad I had that experience.

        I’m still in touch with some of my former Ukrainian colleagues. Luckily, some of them no longer live in Ukraine, though presumably, they still have family there. Others I’m afraid are still in Kyiv. I’m been trying to reach out but not heard back. Needless to add I’m very worried about their safety.


  2. Great essay, Mike. Putin is being called a “madman,” but that lets him off the hook. He’s just evil. In his attack on democracy and decency he’s using a timeworn totalitarian tactic of defending his actions with outright lies. Fortunately, most of the civilized world see his fictions for what they are. FOX News and other right-wing outlets in the U.S. are bedfellows of demagogues like Putin and Trump. God save Ukraine, but also the U.S.A., whose war is internal.

    (Like Christian, I have a slight connection to Ukraine, as my brother’s wife is Ukrainian-American. Her sister’s husband just yesterday crossed into Romania safely, and is hovering near the embassy.)


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