Barbara Hershey, plus a look at two Woody Allen Films

In the 1960s, Barbara Hershey was an ingénue actress on television and small parts in films. There was something about her, more than sending young boys into puberty.

She co-starred in a television Western called The Monroes, about a family of kids trying to make it on the frontier without adult supervision, just a benevolent ranch foreman. I remember her from a few episodes as Gidget’s friend, and one of the houseful of kids in the film, Yours, Mine and Ours.

Hershey and David Carradine, who carried on a very torrid, public relationship in the early 1970s, producing a son originally named Free. Hershey changed her stage name to Barbara Seagull, which tells a bit of her thinking/lifestyle in those years. She starred in two low-budget films, The Babymaker, as a surrogate mother, and Boxcar Bertha, a period crime drama. Television guest starring roles and movies paid the bills.

In the 1980s, Hershey reestablished herself in Hollywood and began getting serious roles in feature films. A string of well-received, high-profile films included Stuntman, The Right Stuff, The Natural, Shy People, A World Apart, Hoosiers and Beaches.

Hershey also co-starred in two comedy-dramas, Hannah and Her Sisters and Tin Men.

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