I’m That Guy

The years wear deep grooves

Like canyons, especially on my soul

Time grows many tree-like rings

Towering, flaunty as a maypole

Memories fly by, mile markers of life

A teen sprouts, what’s it all about

Twenties, playing like a grownup

No longer convincing as a Boy Scout

Married and a family at thirty

Divorced at forty, just those u-turns

Love comes later, the years are sweeter

The heart doesn’t lie, it still yearns

Fifty is forever, but it’s not

The twilight of sixty is misty

If you haven’t found your way

The roads are increasingly twisty

More chances, more mistakes

Often lost, somehow found

Luckier than I deserve

Still on the right side of the ground

Of those billions of twinkling stars

Snowflakes float from our sky

Each singular and earthbound

Feeling blessed, I’m that guy

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