All Aboard!

This is the first of many, or so I hope.  I don’t know where this will go, so it you board the blog, we will make this journey together.  I’ll have life preservers available it you decide to bail.  I’m not really a reader of many other blogs, but there are a few I enjoy and used as inspiration.

Speaking of journeys, I have taken any proverbial trips to Abilene, that place where people end up simply because they all thought the other passengers want to go there.  We may end up in Abilene a few times but I’ll try to lead us to other, more amusing, and thought-provoking destinations. No promises.

There are an infinite number of subjects to write about although I can’t think of many right now.  The best ideas just happen.  But so do the worst ones too.  I hope that I can tell the difference.  If not, I may need the life preserver.

Why do a blog?  Thanks for asking.  I can’t say that I love to write, but I find satisfaction in it and enjoy the creative expression.  I won’t try no to sound like an expert because I’m not.  At times I will write about something I am passionate about or have some knowledge of, but I have no claims of being an authority on anything.  I was born a generalist.  A generalist is someone who spreads a thin layer of B.S. on a wider variety of subjects.

If I have a point of view on something, you won’t trip over it, it will be evident. This isn’t a rant so if you think it is then tell me to dial it down a notch or two.  I can be opinionated, yes, but I want this to be entertaining.  And, at the end of the day (I hate that phrase) it’s just my opinion and matters little in this big world.  Enjoy (hopefully).

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