She Fills the Nighttime Sky

She floats across the evening sky
Just outside she passes by
She peaks inside my window
Putting on her nightly show

I count the days until her rise
She fills up both my eyes
Tonight at sunset or maybe dawn
Each night she changes then she’s gone

With her strength she bends the ocean
But for all her size and power
Her glow is mellow like a flower
Soft, emitting sweet emotion

Like honey to a bee
Her light entrances me
Little does she know
She leaves me all aglow

Commanding, eclipsing all from view
Sometimes her mood is red
Few times she’ll leave you blue
She gets inside and fills your head

Famous but still a mystery to me
Visible but hiding her other side
There’s so much more to see
Maybe someday she might confide

Children dream of flying high
To ride across the sky
We answer the siren call
And absolutely fall

Lovers dance under her spell
They cast off their outer shell
Lightning bolts and thunderstruck
Unchained hearts they run amok

She can be there at morning
More gentle than the sunlight
She’s gone without a warning
Daytime speeds her flight

Close enough to touch
That’s asking a little much
She casts a giant shadow
As she stares at us below

She listens in stone cold quiet
Barring witness to our plight
Never asking anything in return
Only hoping that we learn
As she comforts with her light

Like honey to a bee
Her light entrances me
Little does she know
She leaves me still aglow

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