Reading you is like staring through a prism

You’re among the more complex organisms

Not exactly a compliment but I cannot deny

Not black or white, just old school tie dye


I often heard, conform and be one of the squares

Eat your vegetables and say your evening prayers

Do your homework and don’t stay out late

You’ll climb the company ladder, it is your fate


Stop bucking the system and obey the rules

Save your battles for the boardroom duels

Dump those crazy ideas that will never fly

So with one eye closed I said I’d try


Your attitude needs a major overhaul

If you want to fit in, learn to play ball

If you can’t hear the message I’ll amplify

Take our feedback and start to comply


The world needs MBAs not an idealist

Dog eat dog, learn to be a realist

If you want a career you’d better begin

Grow up and shed that utopian skin


Stay focused and don’t stray too far

It’s very simple, you’ll become a star

Keep in line and keep chasing paychecks

The path to the corner office is not complex


There’s more than one successful road

Just be sure it leads to the mother load

The years will pass and you can retire

Hopefully it arrives before you expire

The moral of the story is pursue what you desire

Grab all you want or more than you require

No one is looking it’s really up to you

You’ll only be judged on what you accrue


Every morning you stare into the mirror

Clean the glass so your vision is clearer

Be humble and content with what you’ve become

Give yourself credit for what you’ve overcome


Through the prism light becomes a rainbow

Cascading colors moving in a slideshow

Yellow becomes red, green turns blue

Time brings meaning closer into view


Some people are clear even though distant

Defying gravity they remain resistant

Like an astronaut not tethered to the ship

Spinning erratic in orbit with nothing to grip


We are only visitors so enjoy this place

Here today and then gone without a trace

Spend your time growing your personal wealth

Or making life better for the community’s health


Wisdom is earned by each anvil strike

The truth is forged in every iron spike

What’s left is cold, hard and unsentimental

Giving it warmth and usefulness is monumental


There’s no magic or enlightened discovery

Just turning missteps into successful recovery

We get a lot of chances with each day’s light

Sometimes wrong but striving towards right


In the twilight I can still be obtuse

Not without reason that’s my excuse

I rarely saw value in following the rule

It got me in trouble with teachers at school


You could have been a Rotary Club leader

But I hit the gas and became a speeder

Stepped out of line and picked my own road

Finding yourself is like breaking the code


Take my lessons with a grain of sand

Life takes sudden turns we never planned

Challenge burns away what won’t endure

And life strips away what isn’t mature


It’s not easy to reflect in one’s own past light

The lens brightens the wrong more than the right

If the sun rises you get another chance

Treat it like the first day of a lovely romance

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