In the Shadow of the Sun

The mist of morning

Pushes cold shadows away

Colors warming the hues

And there you are


Floating through the ether

Between moonrise and twilight

Your expression says everything

Or maybe nothing at all



Through the wave-streams of light

My eyes become focused

A smile sweeps across your face

Flush and all aglow


Flowers reach skyward

They unfold to the sun

But catch you instead

And stare in wonderment


As tears fall from the sky

Daylight kisses the heavens

The roar of silence subsides

Only a breeze of calm remains


On a world eons away

I balance on the edge

Between curious starbursts

And charged moonbeams


Pulled into your orbit

Luminance fills the void

Revealing a celestial lightshow

The skyline crackles and pops


From the backs of my eyes

To the reflection in yourshazel-eyes-woman

In the shadow of the sun

I see clearly now

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