Low Altitude Dreaming

Falling into sleep

Done counting sheep

My neurons on fire

I’m ready to be a flyer


Inside out I emerge

I cannot fight the urge

Leaving my body behind

I’m finding peace of mind


Drifting so high

Like a bird in the sky

Diving down low

Like seeds in the row


Deep thoughts now free

Skip over the highest tree

All while I am in slumber

As eye movements grow in number


My sleeping self sedate

These images my brain create

Play out all around me

Far as the imagination can see


My thoughts without a care

Performing somersaults midair

To the boundary of belief

Stealing illusions like a thief


Fragments of REM remain

Striving to sleep in vain

With clarity coming round

My ears pick up every sound


Floating on a silver moonbeam

Or caught inside a wild dream

Like flowers tracking the light

I wish myself a good night

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