Two trajectories, different trails

No flight plan, just off the rails

One of us is a star but clearly not me

Your name adorns the overhead marquee

Age accentuates my flaws and dent

On you, age is an alluring accent

Your favorite pitch is a stunning screwball

No wonder I can only hit a soft ground ball

Few of us hope to compete in your league

Running after you I’m overcome with fatigue

Wasn’t me the leader topping the class

On a track I’d move over to let you pass

My voice is soft and registers as quiet

Your booming words heard over a riot

You’re confident and cool, never a regret

Standing next to you I break out in a sweat

We’re not so opposite there’s a common core

What stands between us is a padlocked door

I’m a Spanish peanut, you’re a cashew

Why did I ever imagine being with you

Not every nighttime star deserves a wish

Maybe just one, I don’t mind being selfish

Looking right at you, I can only stare

Don’t get a big head, wouldn’t be fair

There’s nothing perfect about being perfect

Alas, that might be your only defect

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