Twilight Time


It’s six o’clock in the a.m.

Between dawn and morning

Not asleep, not awake

Drifting in the ether

Watching the minutes tick

The day is ready, but I’m not

Precious time only for me

In a scary, cold world

The chill can’t get to me

I’m curled tightly and safe

I close my eyes and drift

Five minutes float by

Thoughts of the day pushed aside

If I could stay right here

Between dreams and reality

Grade school can wait

They won’t miss me

Five more minutes pass

I have a presentation to make

Others are counting on me

I polish each slide in my mind

Five more minutes are history

I think back to younger days

My dreams were pointed forward

Everything seemed so important

My world began anew daily

Five more minutes go by

I could just fall back to sleep

The past is playing in my head

Things I should tell the boy

He might not understand

Five more minutes are gone

I hear my mother making breakfast

Any minute my name will be called

The work week is only half over

The big hand is close to the six

The alarm is switched off

Minutes are very precious

Why do I worry about time

Chess pieces move my life around

Forward, to the side, even backward

Twilight time ticks by

I’m still cold but I get up

The fog is slowly burning away

Morning has officially arrived

The boy looks in the mirror

A man returns the look

Our day has begun

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