Thru the Wormhole

There’s an abyss tearing through the universe

Our wobbly planet now rotates in reverse

In the vortex, swirling energy hangs in the air

A pulse flashes up my body, straightening my hair

That sucking sound signals rising disorder

Time to exit ahead of the new world order

A confused friend watches the calamity spin

Like the old days of sobering up in East Berlin

Overhead a vast conflagration is brewing

Narrowing escape choices worth pursuing

Shuffling the life cards in the poker deck

The joker ponders heading on a new trek

Sensing a defeat I fold my empty hand

Taking my place as a member of the band

I play by ear instead of reading the charts

In this drama there are many moving parts

Grinding the clutch, stuck in first gear

Leaping from the ditch and ramming a deer

Checking the damage and finding my backbone

Nothing like a blind leap into the unknown

Grabbing adventure, hanging on by the ears

Digging the spurs before my courage disappears

Pacing like a coach with the game on the line

Racing from the shadows toward the warm sunshine

The earth begins shifting beneath my feet

I may had landed on the opposite street

None of this seems to make much sense

My head is hurting, the brain fog is dense

Without the tinfoil this is mind control

Take a trip with me inside the wormhole

I wish you peace and safe travels

Before the whole shithouse unravels

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