An Early Frost

The warmth of your laugh carried me through February

Silence now, replaced by empty eyes and deep wary

Fearfulness is intentionally absent from our words

Days spent at the window watching for signs of birds

Icicles dripping, glistening just inches from your bedside

From the bag a liquid tries to reverse a future denied

Colorful autumn days quickly turned lifeless and gray

On the table sits a dry and crumbling fall bouquet

Last night I had a dream, pried from our early years

Boundlessly hopeful, sunny with only happy tears

Still much to do, memories unborn and unfulfilled

Winter days gaining length but still bone chilled

Life slowly drains but your will remains resistant

Sooner than spring your smile will turn distant

As your words become few I still hear your thoughts

Experience grants me the power to connect the dots

The inevitable stares at me, for once I’m unsteady

When the future arrives too soon, none of us are ready

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