Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Turkey and never came out alive. It is widely believed that he was murdered by a Saudi kill squad in the consulate, dismembered, and his body burned in a newly installed oven at the Saudi Consul’s home.  His head may have been delivered to Saudi Arabia.

This is a ghastly, evil story, and one that has struck a chord with me.  Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi national who lived and worked in the United States.  He was a journalist who contributed to the Washington Post, and had been pressured by the Saudis to stop writing critical articles about the Saudi government and Saudi royal family.

Since October, I have contacted the U.S. Senators of my home state many times about this story.  Members of Congress initially expressed outrage at the crime but are mostly quiet about it now.  A staff member of one senators phoned and left a message for me, reiterating the senator’s interest in justice, thanking me for my interest and waiting for investigations to play out.  The real message was thanks, but stop contacting us.

The alleged murder happened on diplomatic property.  Khashoggi was seen on a cctv camera entering the Saudi consul but never leaving.  Turkish investigators have worked to piece together what happened, with limited help from the Saudi government, who report that they have launched their own “investigation” into the murder.  The Saudis responded after Turkish investigators found the kill room in the consul, which had been scrubbed and the walls painted to cover up Khashoggi’s blood.  Someone, not Khashoggi, was on camera wearing his clothes afterward. I won’t get into the details of his murder, but this was a planned and precision operation.

For the details of the murder and cover-up, there is a 48 minute documentary by Al Jazeera World.


Why is Mr. Khashoggi’s murder such a big deal?  He was a journalist and his murder was to silence him.  His murderers were sent from Saudi Arabia, and the question is, who financed and paid for them?  The Saudis officially have said these were rouge agents, not sanctioned by anyone in the royal family. 

Turkish officials have reportedly sent tapes of the murder to different governments around the world, including the CIA.

The Saudis are a powerful government and valuable trade partners of many countries including the United States.  Members of Congress has accepted campaign contributions from Saudi interests, and members of the Trump family reportedly have financial dealings with Saudis going back decades.

Any murder is foul. Will justice ever be served for Jamal Khashoggi?




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