Time is


Time is an elongated string of cosmic vibration

Auditory waves corkscrewing toward outer space

Exploding beyond heaven, the amplitude’s liberation

Gaining speed, spinning arcs around the moon’s face


A moment melts like an ice pop in the July heat

Dripping all over these grasping fingers

Speedily avoiding the tongue, too evasive to eat

Only the sticky, sugary scent lingers


Years elongate into infinity

Awaiting proof of arrival

It’s not a test of masculinity

Once spent, there’s no revival


The distance between here and there

Indigestible like a vapid riddle

Sets you back to the first square

Still longing to surpass the middle


Time, a race already over and then it starts

The future is measured with clock hands spinning

Announcing your arrival before it departs

Twisting and folding backward to the beginning


There’s no do-over, you already chose

The checkers moved now you’re a king

Power illuminates the loneliest shadows

Giving support for small dreams to cling


From the epochs intelligence has evolved

With tiny legs crawling from the sea of life

Congratulating ourselves for mysteries solved

But actually creating endless planetary strife


Meet your present self standing next to your past

Imperfect versions of your brotherly being

One of you doesn’t belong and must leave the cast

Time-shifted lives won’t ever be agreeing


Here’s a decade, can you give me back five years

A chuck of time is a blank and missing

Memory recall spins endlessly, grinding gears

Only a faint sound of two thoughts kissing


As the uncoiling mainspring of time

Bountiful seconds of life fall away

The conclusion of the nursery rhyme

Wind the clock to start another day


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