You Are Here

You are standing here

For all the world to see

Right where you are needed

Not a shadow but real 3-d


Your shoes fit only you

Anyone can trace your steps

But lifting up the world

Is only with your biceps


We take you for granted

If you were not precisely here

A hole opens in the universe

Disappearing forever is a fear


Beauty is created by your hand

Carried by every touch

On any day you are absent

We prop life with a crutch


You blow in like a summer gale

A sunshine smile a mile wide

Memories of the best of times

Like the walk along the seaside


If you are here, where am I

Bandied about inside a cyclone

Bouncing like an angry tumbleweed

Skipping about the flatland alone


You scope out your demarcation

Like a farmer drawing a border

Accentuating the distance

Loneliness made to order


It must be hard being you

Following a compass to the degree

Flying above mere mortals

Not noticing us beneath the trees


Following the map I’d get lost

All points lead directly to you

When the trail dust settles down

There’s a very clear image in view


I think you’ve tracked me down

Centered in your cross-hairs

Hoping you don’t pull the trigger

Escaping by the backstairs


We couldn’t be further apart

With the map I bend it all around

So the ends meet point to point

Standing on the very same ground


It’s a rigorous climb to be a friend

Words give me a fuzzy dry throat

Trying find the letter-perfect phrase

To hold and savior as a whole note

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