Blog No. 400

This journey started four years ago. Twelve months ago, I was at blog number 100.  This is number 400, a milestone I didn’t think possible, certainly not a year later.

When this blog site began, I felt like the new kid in school, awkward and unsure of what I was doing.  I reached out to a couple of bloggers who I read and they said to just write, that I would find my way.  Eventually, I got comfortable and found my voice.  At least I think I found my niche in the blogging universe.

At blog number 100, I began to realize that I didn’t pick subjects to write about, they found me.  That’s still true.  I’m not a topical writer, I try to stay away from current events and few of my blogs are personal, although every blog is my voice.  Mostly, I prefer to stay between the shadow and the light.

Write what you know; so I do.  The key is to be authentic.  The world has thousands, maybe millions of bloggers.  Everyone wants to be read and followed.  Some lucky people make money at it, for others like me, it’s a personal outlet.

The most read blog of mine was about lead singer of the The Kinks, Ray Davies. Imagine that.  Someone put a link to my blog on a Kinks website and one day (September 10, 2018), I had 348 visitors and 415 reads.  The power of analytics. I was shocked, that remains the high-water mark by far.

Other blogs I’ve slaved over, researched and refined, and few, if anybody read them.  At first, that was disappointing, then I remembered why I created this site, to get some thoughts out of my head, in an organized fashion.  Readers are a bonus.

Four years is a long time.  As I look back, in the beginning, I didn’t write very much.  And I went through a nine-month period where I didn’t write at all.  In fact, I forgot the password for this site.

In the past year, I write everyday and I write everywhere.  I write on my phone, which I never thought I would do.  With one finger, I type away.  I write in the morning. I write during my lunch hour, after work, late at night, on weekends.

Words and topics pop into my head. I grab my phone and make notes, or they will vanish into the mist. Great ideas are vapor, so I learned to snatch onto them.

The most pleasurable thing I write is poetry. I like word images and finding interesting rhymes.

[from “She Fills the Nighttime Sky“]

I count the days until her rise
She fills up both my eyes
Tonight at sunset or maybe dawn
Each night she changes then she’s gone

Sooner or later I need to decide whether to take the next step and invest money in this blog, upgrade and aim higher. By blog 500 (later this year) I will know the path forward.

Happy trails.

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