Life is complicated, so very complicated

The road you pick changes direction

Stop signs, detours, so very frustrated

People on this bus want an insurrection


The wind thunders and reverses field

It sucks away the sweet breath of spring

The harvest crumbled before the yield

Quieting her voice when she tried to sing


Life has no linear paths out of the haze

Struggling is learning to deal with failure

In defeat we must see through the maze

The answer will come, a pensive treasure


Stay the course salvation will emerge

Other times battling just be in the game

Miles of parallel roads fail to converge

And a roaring river is too wild to tame


Your choice was made keep walking

More cards won’t change your hand

The same old battles, no use in talking

Still trying, this isn’t what was planned


Another day, more callouses and bruises

She falls and slips no one to catch her

Outstretched arms tangled with losses

Slow-motion freefall becomes a whisper


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