Caught in a Dream

I woke up clearly in trouble

I was deep inside the dream

Hanging, my fate unresolved

Overturned, drifting down stream


I awoke awash in concern

Out of body but slightly awake

My other reality beckoned me

This happened before, a retake


Close my eyes and floating back

The pull to return was overpowering

Too tired to sleep my mind was racing

Hopes for restful sleep were souring


Tell me which world do I belong

Dream interrupted wanted me

More than this conscious state

A slumber cruise to a faraway sea


First I must navigate the maze

Solving the riddle in the mind

Down the rabbit hole I go

Sans logic left very far behind


Climbing levels of a video game

Sensory data not computing

Eyeing the alarm, time is running out

Mission alert my mind is parachuting


There’s a place lacking compass points

Where any essence might be right

And the warm light is tempting

For lucid dreams to take flight


If you’ve ever been caught in the dream

And found reality is twisted inside out

Rest easy, you’re not alone in the universe

Many troubled sleepers on this walkabout



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