Getting anywhere from point A to point B is like being in the video game Frogger.

If you don’t drive defensively, good luck.

I live in a city where four-lane thoroughfare are king, and the highways that cut through the city are clogged with more traffic than they can handle. Tractor-trailer trucks are known to crash into passenger vehicles and burst into flames.

Thankfully, the city has a great trail system for walking and biking, and is making inroads (pardon the pun) toward making this a more bicycle-friendly community.

Cars are still the method to get anywhere. Since we don’t have driverless cars handy yet, be on your defense. More people, more cars, more aggressive drivers. Have a nice day.

Holiday Travel Gets Underway Ahead Of Thanksgiving Weekend

Yesterday, during rush hour traffic, I saw an Amazon Prime van driver turn into traffic from a side road, go across three lanes of moving traffic, and make a right hand turn. A truck in the right lane almost t-boned the guy, but he stopped short and avoided hitting the van. In a hurry for a delivery? You bet. The truck followed the van to his location, which I could see from the road, and confronted the van driver. Not physically, but gave him an ass-chewing it appeared.

Today, I was driving on US 69, between work and home, a stretch I don’t mind driving but the constant merging is something to be cautious and aware. I allow people to merge but I’m always leery that they want to merge without looking if someone is already in the lane. Today, I saw an older woman in a van, and it didn’t appear that she was looking, so I sped up to get in front of her but not force her to slow down. She merged quickly as I got ahead of her. I took an off-ramp, another hairy merge of three separate ramps. I was way ahead of her and then suddenly she went speeding by. Had she turned on the nitro boosters? At the traffic signal, she was in the turn lane next to me and I swear she peeled out on the turn. I’ve learned to stay clear of people driving vans, they are driven like dragsters.

A couple of years ago, I was driving on an unfamiliar highway just across the state line. This was on a Sunday when traffic was light. As I was approaching where the highway divided, at the last moment I realized I needed to get into the lane to the right and the rocket ship behind me didn’t like it. I admit, I should have gotten over sooner but the cloverleaf was unfamiliar. The person behind me sped around me, cursed and threw at object at my car. It hit the door with a thud and the idiot sped away. That shock me up and I was convinced I had a big dent in my door.

I’ve not traveled that road again and I understand road rage, I saw it up close.

Thankfully the dent was smaller than if someone opened their car door and brushed by car.

Next time, if I’m in the wrong lane and risk getting over, I’ll just keep going and find an exit. Sunday drives are now planned in advance.

Every day there is someone who tries to change lanes and holds up traffic. If someone looks lost or unfamiliar with the area, I make sure they merge okay. It’s just courtesy.

Where I live, there are more SUVs than vans, and SUV drivers own the road. Ask them. The bigger the vehicle the bigger the attitude. Sports cars, watch out. It’s not a gender thing, but most sports cars seem piloted by men in a hurry to get a suntan or a stylist. Kidding.

The road is like the Colosseum, where scores are settled and horsepower is on parade. The rest of us are just trying to get to work or to the store, without getting shot or turned into charcoal.

I need to go get something for dinner. Wish me luck.

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