Much to Answer For

Headed for that day of reckoning

Many years beyond the fast lane

What to leave in, what to take out

A worn life there’s much to explain


The path wonders from best intentions

Decisions, faulty reasoning blowing back

Too much time chasing the wrong dreams

Moments playing on our life’s soundtrack


Humble Attempts to make amends

Rejected with malice, misunderstood

Cut the past and leave it behind

To correct our faults and call it good


The ignorance of youth burns away

A developing mind will grow to the light

Nurturing an imprint of love or hate

The wiring of the soul etches foresight


Our solitary light must lead the way

Magnetic fields help distinguish north

False readings validate bad choices

The horizon disappears we stumble forth


And in the end whatever journey we own

Fooled or knowledgeable it’s us

The clarity of our conscience will speak

Our life yields plenty to discuss

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