Trouble in Mind

Play it safe

Risks bound

Stay out of the water

There’s mischief all around


Everyone must be a spotter

Attempts to weaken self control

Once you leave the manger

An ongoing battle for your soul


Every choice is potential danger

Wickedness chips away at right

When pinned against the wall

Survival says throw down and fight


One false step then many more

You’ll stray from your path

The fall will happen gradually

One morning it’s the aftermath


Suddenly you’ll use foreign words

Saying things that are abhorrent

In your dreams many police arrive

It’s your name on their warrant


Not about to fold and walk away

There’s sin in the corner of your eye

Your plan reads like late night TV

Falsely advertises you’re a tough guy


Leave trouble to the experts

Those who lie through a smile

The guiltless and unapologetic

Let them inhabit that lifestyle


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