Blog No. 500

It seems like I was at number 400 just a couple of months ago. Actually, I was. The last hundred were fast.  Every hundred or so blogs I take stock of where I am and where this train is headed.

In four years, this blog has grown into a daily distraction, at least for me.  I resist calling it a hobby, it is more in line with the daily vitamins and blood pressure medicine I take.  It’s medicine for my soul.  Blogging is my therapy animal.

What was my goal in having a blog?  To entertain myself and an alternative to writing on bathroom walls.  To have actual readers and subscribers is a surprise.  My universe of readers is still fairly small but I appreciate each and every one of you.  Thanks for hanging in there, I’ll try to do better.

I study the WordPress analytics carefully and am still amazed at which of my postings get read and which ones don’t, and where in the world the readers are.  I am pleased to have devoted readers in Germany, India, Canada and Croatia. We are the world!

Before I started this blog, I wrote a weekly post at my job.  It was generally leadership and management focused (yeah, I bet that’s a shocker), but I attempted to mixed in a bit of dry humor and integrate some cultural aspects to give it more general appeal. I was pushing the boundary regularly, which told me that I was trying to serve different masters.  Although it was fulfilling, frankly, I was tired of writing about leadership and closed it down.  I didn’t want to stop writing, but suddenly I had no ready outlet, as I’d run out of bathroom walls.

I thought about this WordPress thing for awhile, a long while.  If the house was on fire, I’d had to ponder which door to use to escape.  Awkwardly, I jumped in.  I didn’t drown, but I swallowed a lot of water, before I found my subject matter bearings.  Would people want to read about pop culture the 1970s?   Thankfully, the internet is huge, and you can find people who are interested in your thing, whatever your thing happens to be.  I learned something important.  When you can marry what you know about, and what you’re interested in, go with it.  Enjoy yourself.  And keep your therapy animal close by.

My plan for the next hundred? I am going to widen the focus, color outside the lines, and have a little more fun. What will it include? I have a few surprises planned.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Blog No. 500

  1. I just discovered “Ticket to Ride,” but I enjoy it. You write well, and we have a lot in common. My blog is therapy as well. It started fairly innocently, but has become a monster I need to regularly feed.

    The important thing is to stay honest and write from your heart, even if it might be controversial, or place you outside of a well-populated “box.” The trick is not to become intoxicated with “likes” and favorable “comments,” as welcome and enjoyable as those are.

    (I’ve always leaned more toward loudmouth John Lennon than crowd-pleaser Paul McCartney.)


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