Life in Retrograde

The tumblers of the universe aligned
Cracking the code with a bit of sorcery
No need for reason or quantum mechanics
The cosmos pulsated with devilish mystery

Lightening crackled and the sky inhaled
Heads turned skyward to enjoy the dance
No optics needed to bring that beauty into focus
The Earth fell deathly silent, entranced

The moon turned and took a bow
Disharmony in physics reigned
Without a paddle nature steers
The crowd’s collective smile sustained

Beyond the limits of your gravity’s pull
Objects behave like unchained hummingbirds
Flying ignorantly in harmony and bliss
Rotating in reverse replacing nouns with verbs

The longer I knew her the less I recalled
Time rewound swiftly until it was gone
The best day we had vanished from memory
Searching the heavens felt like a marathon


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