The Next Day

The next hour, next minute, next breath
There is comfort in every next
Nighttime rolls over the evening’s tail
There is no tomorrow till the day ends

From history, the morning will unfold
Tackling dragons that held me prisoner
Tomorrow is where dreams are born
In sleep they grow roots or die

In my head, angels are dive bombing
Riding the REM until the fire’s out
The coming agenda will roll like credits
And my brain will awaken to the new day

We shed the skin of yesterday
Embracing the sunshine of opportunity
For a moment I feel ten years old
Impatient for the next day and the next

Now, I think in shorter increments
Time teases me with possibilities
Reminding me of days gone past
I don’t fear the future anymore

How many next days, I do not know
I focus on the present, today anyway
Someday my feet will have no more steps
I won’t think about where I left my shoes

Looking at the sun

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