Season’s Greetings

In this time of celebrating the holiday and embracing all that is meaningful to us, it’s important to reflect on the bigger picture around us.

While we want goodwill and peace throughout the universe, we are more concerned with what is happening in our little sphere, our family, friends and associates.  Typically, we send out warm wishes to those we meet and come in contact with like our customers, colleagues and those we greet in passing.  The world needs more of our cheer.

I am amazed at how this year, religion seems to be highly politicized.  Now, we don’t need religion to celebrate our holidays, even though they are intertwined.  What the heart and soul need most, is faith. It is possible to be highly spiritual without being specifically religious.  Beliefs are very personal, for each person to hold in their heart and which influence their outward behaviors and actions.

How a person uses their belief system in the world of politics is their own business, as is what they label themselves or how they vote.  Eventually, they will be accountable to their own God, if that is what they believe. 

Whether you sing loudly, sit in the front pew or say an extra amen, my guess is that God knows what you are doing and saying on the other six days of the week.  God has been around the world a few times.  I mention this because religion is used for kindly and loving things, and for harmful and hateful things as well.

Think about the families divided at the border. The homeless. Those struggling with illness. People without hope. Those in uniform in a hostile land. The person sitting down the row wondering how to pay their bills. The lonely child that feels bullied. The parent unsure of where their child is. The policeman answering a 9-1-1 call. The business owner struggling to keep the door open. The senior who has no visitors.

So, this message speaks to everyone.  In this season, whatever your specific beliefs, do more, convey more, be more, than at any other time of the year.

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