The Thunderclap

The old man had his ideas, clasped firm like bus fare

I complimented his wisdom but no offer to share

Two opposing notions with nothing in the middle

Picking hotly at my brain like sausages on the griddle


He said there was no way to help with my impasse

Suggesting I divide them and weigh the atomic mass

Use science to evaluate each idea’s lofty merits

Under the microscope to count the many karats


I kept after the old man, he needed to share

Pleasantries and civility turned to open warfare

Clashing of ideas was that roaring loud sound

No compromise as each stood our own ground


You’re entrenched we screamed at each other

He scolded me like a domineering mother

I pushed back because naturally I was right

He loaded the ideas, ready to ramp the fight


Neither of us gave thought to backing down

Anyone to do so would appear to be a clown

You fight to the death for God and position

Winning is simply by a battle of attrition


I listened not to his various arguments

Instead reloading my verbal armaments

Only one of us could leave the boxing ring

This intellectual firefight scorched everything


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