Pluto Revisited

A dwarf, said some with glee

Just a planetary wannabe

Angering many a schoolchild

The planetary vote, openly reviled


Years of debate, finally a mission

In 2006, there was rocket ignition

Toward Pluto and everything beyond

To study what creation spawned


New Horizons didn’t need to land

For scientific minds to understand

Gathering knowledge from deep space

Visiting planets in their birthplace


Just like high school, PL isn’t cool

With the planetary definition rule

Resolution 6A is the official vote

Abandoning Pluto like a turncoat


The debate raged without relief

Until decided by the NASA chief

Produced by an act of God

This Planet X is not a fraud


Discovered by a Kansas country boy

Rudimentary stargazing like a toy

Pinpricks of light that forever froze

Diligently studying blurry photos


Backward axis tilt and rotation297-2973937_pluto-planet-clip-art

Unique and mysterious gradation

A wealth of scientific information

Just enlarges our planetary affection



Beyond are planetary embryos

Stretching to the start of the cosmos

A journey billions of miles in distance

Scattering clues of our existence


The probe avoids asteroid showers

Messages sent take over four hours

Using Jupiter for harnessing speed

Before Pluto’s trajectory recede


No one dreamed a fly-by practical

Determined to make the math calculable

Pluto fell off the approved projects

Cancelled exploring the Kuiper Belt objects


In view this world has a methane atmosphere

A water inner core and surface ice everywhere

The building blocks of life plainly in view

A once in a lifetime rendezvous

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