Born with an unceasing shining heart

A wondrous North Star of love

Paining joy like impressionist art

I read you like hand in glove


A fireball shooting across a lonesome sky

Soaring far beyond explored frontiers

Brighter than skyrockets on the 4th of July

Always the first in line of the summiteers


There’s right and compassion steering her guidance

That glow burns mightily thru the night

Purpose in every fine motion of her dance

Filling darkness with hope like an arc light


Illuminating widely, a lighthouse of the soul

Wounded, words penetrating like a knife

Healing with kindness mends a gaping hole

Cynicism replaced with a compassionate life


In her lustrous glow we can see ourselves

The curtain rises on the rest of the show

Hidden away, out of sight on dusty shelves

Finding a reason to come out of the shadow

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