The Goodbye Man

Sail on sailor, overflowing the novel

A hapless protagonist leaps from the story

Bounding over words like a spawning salmon

Jumping over metaphors, grabbing an allegory


Closing his story and fading into slumber

Not for long, he emerges from a feverish dream

A rascal, bolting from one misadventure to another

Disappearing in a heartbeat on the tail of the jet stream


He never means goodbye when he vanishes

Don’t let doubt pass over your lips

As sure as the Earth goes round

You’ll be illuminated in the next eclipse


No such thing as farewell

Gone, but he will not disappear

Space bends time backward

Fate will redeposit him here


He escapes only by dumb luck

Not smarts, just shameless guile

The wick burns his excuses away

Seductively behind that wily smile


Life is full of hello and adieu

Over and over, his mouth goes dry

Any words are only silent sounds

He tries, but only his eyes say goodbye

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