The Answer

From A Million Miles

You can’t get there by space craft
No need wishing on a faraway star
The secret lies deep in your mind
Surprise, the answer was never far

We scour the Earth for clues, read books, go to seminars, watch YouTube videos, consult analysts, ask friends and even pray.  Life throws challenges that overwhelm and idle us.  These mysteries might be new to us, but not new to life.

We look for and prefer easy, simple and quick.  Rarely do we get our preference.  While the answers may be easy to find, execution is messy.  So we look for an answer that is easy and painless.  Everything else in life is instant, why not solutions to problems? If that does not work, we make ourselves the victim: I am being treated unfairly.  Sure, that solves the problem.

Answers are not always complicated, often they are scary and risky. Can I do this? What if I fail? Can I survive this? Will she feel the same way?

Neutral is not a direction. Don’t be foolish, but unfasten your feet from the floor. Don’t die with that word “Rosebud” on your last breath.

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