Has Been

Have been.

Yes, we have been there. Each day looking forward, the hourglass full. The sun never brighter, the tail wind never stronger, the horizon never clearer, every morning an achievable, new challenge.  To our summit.

Has been.

While we may have slid down the ladder, at one point we scaled to the height of our determination. We passed others who sailed their own dreams and now enjoy the sunset.  The view is still a view.  Blue is still blue.

Had been.

Our time passes…usually before we are ready. We are left with embers burning out, still radiating heat, but no longer glowing and soon cast aside. Spent.  Memories, running on self-generated energy, linger.

At a previous point in time we were, and now we are no longer been. We are somewhere south of been. But we are better for our journey and enjoying our dreams.

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