2021: A Few Goals

I am not a big New Years resolution person. This year is a bit different, so a few goals for the new year.

The usual goals people have in January are often about health or accomplishing those procrastinated things or spending less time working and more with family. All good things.

I will look back on this during the year to see how I’ve done.

Be simpler. Downsize my possessions. I wish I had started this a year ago, but any time is good to review all the stuff one accumulates. Like George Carlin said, we need a lot of room for our stuff.

Be healthier. Physical, as well as mental health. Eating healthy, more activity and meditating.

Be more generous. Generosity is not just about money. Time is a valuable gift.

Be more thankful. There are a lot of blessings to be counted. To be more thankful and show it.

Be more optimistic. I was told to be more of a “half full” person. The new year is a relatively blank canvass, time to fill it with optimism.

Be more present. A blog will follow about this. In a nutshell, it means showing up in life.

Be more patient. Something I need to work on, being less frustrated with people and situations. Let it flow as Jimmie Spheeris once sang.

Be more flexible. A lot of change has come my way lately, I’ve had to bend and confront my own expectations. To be more emotionally flexible.

Be more open to risk. Certainly related to rigidity and accepting of change. Risk does not have to be frightening. Opportunity lies over the horizon.

Be more supportive. To look beyond self and be there for others. I consider myself an empathetic person, perhaps I should use it more often.

Be a smarter introvert. This is an interesting one. I’m wired as an introvert, I cannot really change that. I’m also smart and self-aware enough to understand my strengths and faults, and how being an introvert plays into that. I’ll never be an extrovert, but I can play better with them.

There are lots of other good things to do, but these top my list.

One thought on “2021: A Few Goals

  1. These are all worthy goals. I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions either.

    If 2020 has revealed anything, it’s being more appreciative about the “basic” things I all too often take for granted: being healthy, having a caring family, living in a secure home, having a job, and being able to work from home are some that come to mind. And, pf music! How could I forget the joy of music, which has helped me more than once to keep it all together!


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