McCartney III

I was reluctant to purchase this, the latest music from Sir Paul, so I haven’t. It was loaned to me.

Paul’s music in the 2000s has been disappointing to me. Sorry, but it is lackluster compared to his best work. I hold him to a high standard, the one he established.

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My main complaint with his more recent music is that his songs are rather ordinary, competent, but generally not memorable.  Certainly, not up there with his best work.  Do I expect a lot? You bet.

McCartney III is a pleasant surprise. He wrote and recorded this album under “rockdown” during 2020.

McCartney III is the third in his series of completely solo albums where he composed, played, sang and produced it all. McCartney, his first solo work after The Beatles, was homemade, something the world was not ready for, it needed to sound like a Beatles album, and it did not, by design.

McCartney is a lovely album, one of my favorites. It is earnest and unpretentious, heartfelt, with lovely melodies. “Maybe I’m Amazed” while not my favorite track, is one of the best songs he has ever produced. It has a grand, majestic quality of a Beatles song. My favorite are “Junk”, “The Lovely Linda”, “Every Night”, “Valentine Day” and “Momma Miss America.”  None of these will rank with the best McCartney compositions, but they have melody and the gravitas that he had during that period.  The songs remind of me of his White Album compositions.


In 1980, Paul had disbanded Wings, and released McCartney II, again a completely solo work. To call it experimental and edgy is kind. I never warmed up to this album. After listening to it a couple of times, I filed it and ignored it.

Paul’s career in the next 40 years has been peaks and valleys. Paul is a bit like Neil Young, he can produce an album quickly, always has a satchel of songs, and his focus can turn on a dime.

Paul is 78 now.  No, his voice does not have the richness or range that is used to, but it is still pretty damn good.

McCartney III sounds like an updated version of his first album. It has the quiet acoustic pieces and the longer jams.

The opening song, “Tong Tailed Winter Bird”, a glorious mostly instrumental.  A great way to start the album. The song features some really fine guitar work.  Bravo.

“Find My Way” Is a more traditional McCartney song, a mid-tempo rocker with strong riffs.  Again, fine guitar work.

“Pretty Boys” Is a mostly acoustic guitar song.

“Women and Wives” Features the piano, almost a confessional song.  It’s a wisp of song.  McCartney’s vocal is weak on this song as the wear and years work against him here.

“Lavatori Lil” A blues-style song with a driving beat and some funky guitar playing.  Not sure what this song is about.

“Deep Deep Feeling” A slow, bluesy, percussion-predominant song that grows into a nice melancholy melody. An eight minute song that McCartney plays with, altering the style, instruments bounding in and out.

“Slidin” A slow, thunderous grind with bluesy guitar.  A bit repetitive, but the guitar work is pretty cool.

“The Kiss of Venus” Is a quiet acoustic guitar song.  McCartney has trouble singing in a high register, but that aside, a nice song.

“Seize the Day” An upbeat, bouncy song, a bit psychedelic in feel, harkening back to Magical Mystery Tour.  One of the nicest songs on the album.

“Deep Down” Nice, slow riff song with synthesized grooves.  A bit repetitive.

“Winter Bird/When Winter Comes”  This is a nice, soaring acoustic guitar song, reprising the opening track, sort of.  Not a classic, but a gentle wrap to McCartney III.

3 thoughts on “McCartney III

  1. While McCartney III isn’t his Mount Rushmore, I find it quite enjoyable overall. I never warmed to McCartney and McCartney II, except for “Maybe I’m Amazed,” though I feel the live version of that tune on “Wings Over America” is much better.

    Have you listened to Macca’s previous album “Egypt Station?” This one I think is a late-career gem.


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