What is it about you?
That turns the sky that shade of blue
Sultry like a Key West summer day
More addictive than a peanut butter parfait

You appear in my waking thoughts
Tying my emotions in vice-like knots
An open heart exposed is vulnerable
A closed one is always miserable

What is it about you?
That bends the world like a corkscrew
It’s that brassy, resolute attitude
Fine-tuning life to a dreamy latitude

I’m guessing at theories about you
Ever since you happened into view
Put your finger gently to my lips
That might stop my slips and trips

What is it about you?
That fires my emotions to brew
Ocean sunsets pale to your gorgeous hues
Burned into my heart like smoldering tattoos

Skittish, sunglasses to hide your eyes
Formality keeps feelings from certain capsize
I’m drowning but I’m throwing you a lifeline
My head is foggy, as if drunk on cheap wine

What is it about you?
Easy to adore, difficult to pursue
You are the hand, me the glove
Can’t help falling, give me a shove

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