Ticket to Ride

The Beatles left us to find the way
Gone, alone to navigate eternity
In my life, we live in a yellow submarine
Tomorrow never knows the possibility

The revolution disappeared for many
Now it’s adulthood on Blue Jay Way
Ask me why all you need is love
I should have known better, yesterday

Lovely Rita, I’ve got to get you into my life
There’s something, I want to tell you
I’m a loser, a nowhere man
Despite the helter skelter, love me do

Michelle, why don’t we do it in the road
The NRA says happiness is a warm gun
And with a little help from my friends
Mr. Moonlight and I will follow the sun

Good morning, good morning, Julia
You never give me your money
She climbed in the bathroom window
Oh darlin, how about a taste of honey

I’ve got a ticket to ride, and I feel fine
Get back and just let it be
Where nothing is real but it’s getting better
And in the end, just please please me

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