View From the Floor

A trek to an inverted neighborhood
Nothing soft about hardwood
Looking eye to eye with shoes
Footwear gossip if they choose

Rising to speak and people stare
My words drift sideways thru the air
Snaking thru people to the objective
A smile might change her perspective

Life is busy inside my head
It’s lonely here alone in bed
Could I interest you in a nap
Still my brain takes another lap

Dust balls and footprints all around
Treasures under the sofa I’ve found
Wonder what the cautious dog thinks
Guarding his bowl against my drinks

Oh to sail air currents like a dust devil
Up and down and back to sea level
Can’t guess the adventure in store
Beyond the curious life on the floor

Life is a series of changing altitude
Constantly adjusting your attitude
Whether you take or sleep on the floor
Not just anyone can be a troubadour

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