The Introspective Soul

Take a moment, how do you rate?

Not bulletproof just compassionate

Battered, but far from needing a transplant

A safe house, always a willing confidante

Weighty enough to tether you to reality

Stepping forward to seize your responsibility

Humble mastery of your malfunctions

Correcting damage from your compunctions

Resisting the pull of immature behavior

Stand tall, but not on the feet of your savior

Casting aside idealistic dreams of wanderlust

Holding steady on what we know to trust

Remember the words, “go ask Alice”

Who offered a drink from her special chalice

Pay forward the earned lessons of youth

Staring into the seasoned face of truth

Light the darkness with kindness

See beyond the world’s blindness

A beautiful face is not a beautiful heart

But a selfless soul is a work of art

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