My Heart Belongs to You

My heart no longer is just mine

Two heartbeats now a pair

Creating a new, soulful rhythm

A code only you and I share

Age reduces affinity for impulse and silliness

Normally reserved, caring more what others think

Forever past when I felt this burning inner glow

Unabashedly singing off-key instead of lip sync

The wall tumbles down, feelings exposed

An exuberant spring in these old feet now

I cannot remember a time before you

A smile permanently pasted on my brow

No longer tongue-tied or circling butterflies

I disappear into the splendor of your eyes

A kid again, passing you a note in math class

A lightening bolt hammers me and I realize

I don’t need a closet of Brooks Brothers suits

Or a penthouse with a skyline view

Or vacations on aquamarine beaches

Just a peace sign, furry pets and you

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