Tearing the Inside Out

Brave, pushing the courage out

Surrounded in a hostile crowd

Alone, no one feels any clout

Silently screaming out loud

Awaken from hibernation

A towering giant thumb

Pushing us toward salvation

Brother, I am not dumb

Don’t look at me

My years left are few

I still believe in destiny

But woke up in this zoo

So many deluded faces

Emptiness in their hearts

Fear of emerging races

Obsessed with our body parts

The battle is for impressionable souls

Weary, heartened mugwump

Weathering the latest polls

Avoiding the caustic callathump

The battering moral storms

Of riots and self-proclaimed patriots

Their preachy media misinforms

Ideologues and just plain idiots

The enduring foundation shatters

Your beliefs must now be mine

Casting fear on everything that matters

You cheat to cross the goal line

The stakes are incalculably real

Sewing the seeds of doubt

You boost the lie about the big steal

Rotting from the inside out

A country of impossible divide

Gaming the system to gain clout

To create a culture of just one side

By tearing the inside out

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