Ride of Your Life

Gobbled-up by the slipstream

Good intentions are upside down

How did you get into my dream

Really, I’m not this inverted clown

A frightening loss of control

And no secret ejection seat

The tension consumes me whole

The jangle of an irregular beat

Darkness is a blinding trance

Pitched sound, deafens ringing ears

The spinning compass of balance

Stumbles under these weighty fears

Laughing so hard I turn bright blue

Sound waves bending personal space

Wit is a mendacious corkscrew

Truths hidden behind a false face

What is written weathers with scrutiny

Intriguing, paradoxical, a mystery

Braggers are the first to mutiny

A winding path of tangled history

The slipstream speeds like a roller coaster

Grabbing handles, a daring ride

Tales to tell, but I’m not a boaster

To the trail’s end, I’m just warm inside

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